The ZACR (ZA Central Registry) have announced a price increase for all second level .za domains operated by them.

The second level domains affected are:,, and

Unfortunately we have no option but to adjust our pricing inline with the increase in the cost price.

The new pricing from 1 March 2015 will be:       R 89.00/domain year      (Was: R 65.00/domain year)      R 99.00/domain year      (Was: R 95.00/domain year)      R 99.00/domain year      (Was: R 95.00/domain year)     R 99.00/domain year      (Was: R 95.00/domain year)

Herewith the explanation provided to us for the increase:
"The primary purpose of the initial EPP fee, in relation to the increase in legacy fees, was to incentivize and encourage the migration of registrations from the legacy system to the automated, more reliable and robust EPP system. This is likely the primary reason why more than 80% of the total registrations are currently administered via the EPP system.

The move to a world-class EPP registry system has enabled the ZACR to improve system redundancy, security, reliability, failover and availability measures. However, these benefits, coupled with the ZACR having recently assumed the operation of, and (in addition to, have increased operational costs to the point that the ZACR has an under-recovery on the current fees."

If you register or renew your domains before 1 March 2015, then all renewals will be made at R 65.00/domain year.

Registrations and renewals made on or after 1 March 2015, will be at the new prices.

Renewing a domain name early, does not change the renewal date in future.

Friday, February 6, 2015

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