Due to the continued weakness of the Rand/Dollar exchange rate we are forced to adjust prices accordingly.

Please note the new pricing effective 1 June 2016.

The increase has been unavoidable due to the extreme devaluation of the Rand and continued price increases over the past year in the cost of international domain names.

We will continue to attempt to find ways to reduce costs as to limit any potential future price increases.

New Pricing - Effective - 1 June 2016*
.com R 279.00/year
.net R 279.00/year
.org R 279.00/year
.biz R 395.00/year
.info R 395.00/year
.mobi R 490.00/year
.me R 490.00/year
.co R 615.00/year
.uk and *.uk R 209.00/year

* The above table is a subset of the changes to take effect. .co.za, .net.za, .web.za and .org.za will not have a price increase.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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